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July 18, 2021
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KingKoil Halton Deluxe Mattress


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Kingkoil Halton deluxe has Dual Layer EuroTop Design #luxurydesign, mattress🛏️ are firm enough to help elderly getting up easily and supporting💪🏻 shoulder, waist and leg. Most importantly Kingkoil trusted by #InternationalChiropracticAssociation (ICA).

✅ #Kingkoil is a historical brand
– Having #120Years history
– Having lots of doctor 👨🏻‍⚕️proven the #certificates for spinal support
– Trusted by the #InternationalChiropracticAssociation (ICA)

✅ #Sanitized AG Treatment Fabric
– Since 1935 Switzerland 🇨🇭Technology, The Sanitized®️ hygiene function protects mattresses from the formation of fungi and algae🦠, reduces dust mites and odors💨, and provides long-lasting material protection.

✅ Super X Spring
– Using only same Spring from the starting to the end of the mattress🛏️, providing enough supporting and firm feeling yet providing comfortable and long-lasting supporting system.
– Having doctors👨🏻‍⚕️ proven for #spinal support

✅Rebond Latex Topper
– Having the same natural characteristic Natural Latex, but providing more firmness to the mattress.🛏️
– Instant recover the crease mark from body weight, while effectively supporting different weight and height for couples.
– Having #High Elasticity, providing the best support and comfort, at the same time keeping spine level, while achieve the perfect sleeping position.

✅ Coirtex Natural Fibre 🥥
– Through multiple process formed natural coconut fibre🥥, reduce the friction between topper and spring.
– Increase the firmness and supportiveness of the mattress
– Repelling moisture of the bed and lengthen the lifespan of the spring

✅ Foam Encasement
– Avoid Mattress 🛏️side deformed
– Firm corner support to help parents getting up and down from the bed easily

✅ 15 Years Warranty
– Having 15-Year Warranty against manufacturing defects

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King Size : 183cm x 190cm, Queen Size : 152cm x 190cm, Super Single Size: 107cm x 190cm, Single Size : 91cm x 190cm

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