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October 30, 2017

Creative small-space living

The thought of living in a small house appears normal for everyone. However when pieces of furnitures come into play, it might cause some problems for households too. Why? There are literally so much spaces for everything to fit in! People tends to purchase houses without giving a prior thought on which piece of furniture to purchase. And when reality checks in, realized they have no idea how to come out with suitable furnitures to fit their house.

So folks, having difficulty in coming out new ideas for small homes? Or putting your brains at work thoroughly just to get some decent interior design ideas for your house? Well don’t fret too much as we will be sharing some ideas on how you could furnish your small homes and create a decent small living space.

Get creative to make your small homes happy and comfortable!
Transform the conventional storage– Well normally how would most people store things? They would buy more cabinets, closets or racks to store more things they have bought. The obvious downside is there will be less space for just a little home! But thinking in another way, if you don’t cook much and store literally nothing inside you kitchen cabinet, why not just store other things inside instead of buying another storage furniture just for that extra purpose?
Creating storage within a storage– Customize your existing storage space to make full use of your storage space. For example, add small trays or cupboards inside the existing bigger trays or cupboards to keep smaller items tidy and neat. Keeping your things neat will save you time in searching for you things as well as reducing the additional space needed to store those items.

Utilize your vanity area– Ladies tend to have more items to keep than men. Hence why not put the vanity area to good use instead of just make-up? Save the cost and expenses in buying storage furnitures for your cosmetic items by using drinking glasses or even vases to hold lotions and perfumes.
Be open to any ideas that might seemed over the moon to you- Have you ever think of displaying your clothes in the open rather than keep it hidden in the cabinet? You could get some stylish accessories in the categories of hanger and standing mirror to double up as your clothing cabinet! That will in fact save your purse as well as your home space.

Getting creative with ideas to make a decent living in small house will not be the same again with Enzol Furnitures. We are specialized in designing furnitures that suit your needs well especially in small houses that requires customization to fully utilise the available space for optimum furniture arrangement. Contact Us now for more info and give our store a visit to see for yourself the possibility of creative small space living!.

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